Off Road Idaho

​Off-Roading in Boise, Idaho

The thrills and spills of off-roading in and around Boise, Idaho are outstanding. Boise designated Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV) trails provide some of the most scenic and challenging in the country. Defunct logging and mining roads that wend their way through foothills and steep mountain grades have often been turned into OHV trails, lending a bit of history to every exhilarating ride. Before heading out for an unforgettable day of throttle-opening power-sporting, let Edge Performance Sports in Ontario, Oregon outfit you with a new or pre-owned ATVUTV, or motorcycle so you can ride in style and comfort.

The Importance of "Designated" in Designated Off-Roading

"Stay on the trails" isn't just a phrase to read or hear, then ignore. Riding responsibly just makes sense. It keeps you and other riders safe, lets off-roading enjoyment continue uninterrupted, and ensures trails are left for future riders and wildlife habitat isn't disrupted. Riding cross-country can do a lot of irreversible damage to vulnerable land, including:

  • Igniting fires.
  • Causing soil erosion.
  • Damaging wildlife.
  • Spreading invasive or destructive weeds.
  • Interfering with or harming other trail users.
  • Destroying delicate animal habitats.

Cutting switchbacks destroys trails and greatly increases erosion problems. Plenty of designated trails are available, providing challenges that range from easy to difficult, so there's no need to take off cross-country on your motorcycle or ATV. Many OHV trails can be found in the National Forest System and State of Idaho Endowment land, or on land run by the Bureau of Land Management. Breaking national or state park laws results in hefty fines and penalties, so make sure you are aware of the laws and rules ahead of time. Ignorance is no excuse.

Having Said All That... Let the Adrenaline Rush Begin

At your Boise ATV, Motorcycle and UTV dealer we not only "sell fun," we're OHV-riding devotees too and are always scouting out the best places for off-roading in Treasure Valley. Here's an overview of excellent designated off-roading trails near Boise:

Boise Foothills ATV Ride: Best accessed from a motorized vehicle lot off of 8th street, the Boise Foothills Loop presents the off-road rider with 26.5 miles of long, steep climbs and descents. Tour the scenery of the Boise Foothills and the Boise Ridge - watch for the descent, which can be treacherous and require all the riding skills you've got.

Danskin Mountain OHV Area Trails: Trails on Danskin Mountain, part of the Boise National Forest, are rated according to the challenge they present: "easiest," "more difficult," and "most difficult." Don't let the "easiest" fool you into complacency. Even so-called easy trails on the mountain may be more challenging than you anticipate. The Danskin Mountain area offers riders the opportunity to tackle more than 150 miles of OHV trails in high-desert, mountainous environs. Before setting out for Danskin trails, contact the park to get the low-down on weather and trail conditions.

Ridge to Rivers Trail System: For sweeping views of Boise, you'll want to ride the Ridge to Rivers system. Two "expert" trails are opened to motorized vehicles, Curlew Connector #6 and 8th Street Motorcycle Trail #4. Off-camber turns, exposure, and steep grades mean these trails are for advanced riders who know their stuff.

Check out some of our other favorite off-roading spots near Boise:

  • Devil's Corral Boise, Idaho.
  • Jubilee Park Boise, Idaho.
  • Danskin Mountains Boise, Idaho.
  • Kirkham Ridge Boise, Idaho.
  • Boise Foothills Off-Roading.
  • Ridge to Rivers Trail Boise, Idaho.
  • Weiser Sand Dunes Idaho.
  • Ohwyee Backcountry Byway Boise, Idaho.
  • Wilson Flats Boise, Idaho.

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