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2020 Ski-Doo Summit X is packed with the 850 E-TEC motor packing 165 horsepower to get you through the deepest of days. It comes in this INTENSE Ice-Berg blue with rebuildable HPG Plus Shocks, profile running boards. Available in 3 track lengths (154, 165, and 175) you can run up to a 3-inch lug on this bad boy and leave your crew behind you.

Sleek R-Series Styling-

Featuring flowing bodywork and ergonomics inspired by the MotoGP YZR-M1

High-Revving Supersport Motor-

Yamaha's Championship-winning technology gives the R3 a broad spread of power with exciting high-rpm performance.

Advanced Suspension-

The R3's invert fork works with a Monocross rear shock to provide exceptional handling. 50/50 weight balance designed for a wide range of road conditions.

Compact Chassis-

With a fully-fueled weight starting at only 368 pounds and a seat height of only 30.7 inches, the R3 is ultra-light, nimble, and confidence-inspiring.


Your Dirt Bike

Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early 90s to today.

You don't have to choose between a dirt bike or a snow bike. Timbersled installs on your dirt bike so you can take it from dirt to snow and back again. Select the year, make, and model of your bike to confirm Timbersled works with your bike.

Timbersled System

A Timbersled system includes a front ski and rear track system that replace the tires on your bike to allow you to ride all year.

The full Timbersled lineup includes systems for riders with different riding styles and terrain preferences. Choose the system that works best for you.

Install Kit

Timbersled systems are universal and require an install kit that is dirt bike specific.

Once you choose your Timbersled system, the next step is to choose your install kit. Two options are available and both come with specific installation components for your bike and Timbersled system.

Timbersled Fixed Strut (TFS) Install Kit: economical option to help you begin riding.

Timbersled Suspension Strut (TSS) Install Kit: includes an upgraded shock and adds up to 8.5" more rear suspension travel for performance-minded riders.

Ready to Ride

Install your Timbersled system and you'll be ready to ride!

Complete Installation Instructions and videos are available to walk you through the installation process. Your dealer can also help you install your Timbersled system to get you ready to ride in the snow, or convert it back to ride in the dirt.


Do Timbersled®  systems fit on all dirt bikes?

Timbersled® systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early 90s to today.

Why do I need an install kit?

Because the Timbersled® system is universal, it requires an installation kit that is bike specific. The installation kit consists of all bike specific mounting pieces.

What is the difference between a Timbersled® system and an install kit?

A Timbersled® system includes the ski and track while the install kit consists of a bike-specific mounting pieces. Both a system and an install kit are needed for your snow bike experience.

How long does it take to install?

Usually Timbersled® systems can be installed in under three hours.