Edge Youth Rider: Sienna Brown

The first of our Edge Youth Riders we are featuring is Sienna Brown. The Owyhee Motorcycle Club (OMC) recently put a feature article together on her which we’ve included below so you can get to know her!

OMC member Sienna Brown is a 15 year old sophomore at Timberline High School. In addition to motorcycle racing, Sienna races cross-country for her school (runs 5k/3.1 miles) and earned freshman Female of the Year in 2019 and ran varsity in the fall of 2020. She’s also a pretty good downhill skier and used to race for the Bogus Basin Ski Education Foundation. She even helped coach for a year! But let’s talk about motorcycle racing! Sienna races a 105 supermini, and 125 2-stroke. The typical classes she races are Supermini, 250 Junior, Schoolboy 1 and Women’s. She’ll compete in the Girls class for Loretta’s this year (and hopefully another class). Woohoo!

Sienna has earned sponsors with Edge Performance Sports, Insiduous Designs, Rekluse, and Fly Racing. OMC is proud to have Sienna and the entire Brown family as members.

Here’s a few words from Sienna herself…

  1. Tell us your favorite things about riding and racing motorcycles?
    “My favorite thing about racing would have to be the competition. I love battling with people and the pressure they apply. I definitely go faster when I am in a battle.”
  2. Is there anything about motorcycles that carries over into other aspects of your life?
    “One of my coaches, Joe DeGano, talks about using my word and committing to it. I try to carry that over to my everyday life to get all of my chores done and homework. Even though it doesn’t always happen.”
  3. What are your goals with riding motorcycles, and where do you see yourself in 5 years?
    “I want to be a professional motorcycle racer. In 5 years I see myself racing in a supercross stadium.”
  4.  Are there any frustrations with riding & racing and any tips for overcoming them?
    “The frustration would have to be giving it your all and still not coming out where you want to be. To overcome this would have to be just practicing a lot.”
  5. What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
    “Most people think I take this sport for granted but I am actually super thankful for being able to ride a lot and go to a lot of the races. Another thing would be that I wish I was an artist but I am terrible at painting so it is a good thing I discovered motocross.”


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