Edge Sponsors Wyatt Lyonsmith #181

When looking at supporting Wyatt in his 2021 Supercross season we really wanted to consider Wyatt as a person as well as Wyatt as a very successful Supercross Rider.  At Edge Performance Sports our core values are the cornerstone to all our decisions and actions. Partnering with Wyatt was no exception.

Wyatt truly embodies everything that is important to our company.  Wyatt is Honest, works to develop everyone he is around, and he is constantly working to improve at everything he does. He is responsible for his career and actions, and he truly has put himself in a position that he has unlimited possibilities in his career and life.  Wyatt has an amazing passion for the sport, and industry, and he is always having fun no matter what he is doing.  Finally, this guy absolutely works his ass off to do and be successful at what he loves!  All these characteristics are what Edge is, and strives to be every day, so it made complete sense for us to desire to support and be a part of Wyatt’s journey.

We are honored to be associated with Wyatt and look forward to watching him take the supercross world by storm this season!! He gave us a little background on what got him started and what he hopes to accomplish this season.

Wyatt Lyonsmith“I started riding at age 4 in the field across from my parent’s house. I got into the sport because my dad used to ride when he was younger. One of my dad’s friend invited us out to a race at O

The racing slowly became more serious transforming from local racing, to regionals races followed by the national level races around age 14.MC to watch his son. After we watched our first race we were hooked. I began racing at age 10.

At age 16 I moved to ClubMX training facility in Chesterfield South Carolina. I lived with 15-20 fellow racers and dedicated my time to becoming a top-level national racer. While living in South Carolina, I was able to score a 7th at the Loretta Lynn Amateur National.

Age 19 moved to California and I turned pro the following season at 20.

I am headed into my second season of professional racing in 2021. My goal this season is to establish myself as a contender at the professional level and be consistent in the main events.”

He is hard to keep up with, but you can follow Wyatt on Instagram @lyonsmitty_181